Motto - in no way does happiness depend on other people, it depends on you only.
A piece of advice - always be sure to keep balance between wakefulness and sleeping to maintain the sense of well-being.
Noi emanates an unusual positive energy which she shares readily with her guests.
She is literally charged from her guests when performing a ritual or program. Being delicate and very strong at the same time, she performs traditional Thai and relaxing rituals marvelously.
Stunning energy emanating from the expert, along with her cheerfulness and sociability, are able to immerse you into an atmosphere of extraordinary relaxation and tranquility and make you relaxed not only physically but emotionally. All this, in combination with the flawless technique of the expert, will perfectly help you cope with stress and bad mood, and relieve tension.


Motto - The entire world will open to one who wants it. It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Motion is the basis of life.
A piece of advice – You must do something helpful to your friends or relatives every day. This preserves the balance of the Universe.
Jo is very strong; her insight and natural flair will surprise even the most sophisticated guests.
Thanks to many years of experience, Jo feels on your body all the active points that need to be worked out, and problem areas that need to be given more attention.
Those who are lucky enough to get into her professional hands will return to her again and again.
Her energy pervades from the first minute, and the positive attitude remains long after the procedure.
Jo perfectly feels the degree of the influence to be exerted. Jo is very benevolent, and her smile rarely disappears from her face. She gladly shares her energy and good mood during the ritual.


Motto – gratitude for the present gives you a good future.
A piece of advice – always think about something good. This will come true. The main thing in life is kindness and a generous soul. Always wish well to people.
Chanapha is the embodiment of professionalism, years of experience, calmness and concentration.
One of her strong sides is the performance of Traditional Thai ceremony. She has mastered Yoga brilliantly well, and she applies individual approach to each client.
Individual technique in combination with the inner harmony of the expert leads to the achievement of easiness – both at the physical and the emotional level.
It is also impossible not to mention the professionalism of the painstaking work performed by the expert over every problematic area of your body, and her taking care of guests, her advice and recommendations for maintaining a good physical shape.

Motto – honesty gives birth to faith; faith gives birth to understanding. Understanding gives birth to harmony.
A piece of advice – give more and you will get more. Never ask for anything.
Nan is an expert with more than 10 years of working experience in the best massage parlors of Pattaya.
According to Nan’s philosophy, the key to the quality of Thai massage is the emotional connection between the expert and the client, the expert’s ability to feel the mood, the needs, and the possibilities of the client.
Nan is fluent in traditional Thai techniques; she delicately senses biological energy emanating from people, easily finds bodily “clamps” and, working over problematic zones, she helps people get rid of stress and anxiety.
A confident and rich stretching, passive Yoga and deep study of every centimeter of your body will have a healing effect that you will feel by every cell of your body. Any ceremony performed by her will perfectly help you to cope with bad mood and restore your spiritual harmony.


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