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Sritrang Sanguanram

Thai Lotus Spa

Sritrang Sanguanram

Date of birth – August 9, 1977
Motto – honesty gives birth to faith; faith gives birth to understanding. Understanding gives birth to harmony.
A piece of advice – give more and you will get more. Never ask for anything.

Sritrang is an expert with more than 10 years of working experience in the best massage parlors of Pattaya.

According to Sritrang’s philosophy, the key to the quality of Thai massage is the emotional connection between the expert and the client, the expert’s ability to feel the mood, the needs, and the possibilities of the client.

Sritrang is fluent in traditional Thai techniques; she delicately senses biological energy emanating from people, easily finds bodily “clamps” and, working over problematic zones, she helps people get rid of stress and anxiety.

A confident and rich stretching, passive Yoga and deep study of every centimeter of your body will have a healing effect that you will feel by every cell of your body. Any ceremony performed by her will perfectly help you to cope with bad mood and restore your spiritual harmony.