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Onuma Phuphannak

Thai Lotus Spa

Onuma Phuphannak

Date of birth – April 6, 1977
Motto - The entire world will open to one who wants it. It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Motion is the basis of life.
A piece of advice – You must do something helpful to your friends or relatives every day. This preserves the balance of the Universe.

Onuma is very strong; her insight and natural flair will surprise even the most sophisticated guests.

Thanks to many years of experience, Onuma feels on your body all the active points that need to be worked out, and problem areas that need to be given more attention.

Those who are lucky enough to get into her professional hands will return to her again and again.

Her energy pervades from the first minute, and the positive attitude remains long after the procedure.

Onuma perfectly feels the degree of the influence to be exerted. Onuma is very benevolent, and her smile rarely disappears from her face. She gladly shares her energy and good mood during the ritual.