Our offer includes a variety of massage and SPA rituals and body care treatments, all performed by certified ethnic Thai experts.
Bali Aroma Massage

If you want to relax and work at your muscles in the meantime, the Bali Aroma Massage is your obvious choice. The special feature of this treatment is that the therapist uses fingers and wrists a lot, which causes quick relief of muscles. The massage also uses natural oil, which causes a soft relaxing effect and makes the moves slower and more gliding. This massage is a more relaxed one and contains less elements of yoga and stretching.
Effectively eliminates stress and tension, relaxes your body and helps against insomnia or depression.
60 min - 60 EUR
90 min - 70 EUR
120 min - 80 EUR
Back Massage
For those who value their time. Back and neck massage, performed in traditional technique with aroma oils upon choice. Removes stress, tiredness, and gives relaxing feeling for whole day. After massage you can better move, perform and feel the joys of life
40 min - 45 EUR
Express Massage
Royal Express Massage
Royal massage in 4 hands (performed by 2 specialists). Symmetric performance of general massage of the body will eliminate the stress, tiredness, and tension – it is Elysian delight.

Get this 30 minute performance if you are in rush.
30 min - 60 EUR
Royal Massage
In 4 Hands
Royal massage in 4 hands (performed by 2 specialists). Symmetric performance of general massage of the body will eliminate the stress, tiredness, and tension – it is Elysian delight.
60 min - 105 EUR
90 min - 125 EUR
120 min - 135 EUR

Thai Massage

The Traditional Thai Massage is one of the most amazing methodologies of the enigmatic Eastern medicine, based on the concept of energy channels flowing through the human body. By influencing special spots and stretching muscles during the massage, experienced therapists restore the impaired flows of vital energy, making a person feel great and bestowing the sense of inner harmony.

Affecting the active spots on the invisible energy lines liberates the blocked energy, increases the sentience and vitality levels. Tender twists of joints and muscles relieve tension and improve flexibility. Taken together, this treatment bestows the feeling of complete rejuvenation, restoration and relaxation of the entire body, the peace of mind and spirit.

Performed on the floor (a mat) in special clothes. Thai balm can be used at the guest’s option.
60 min - 55 EUR
90 min - 65 EUR
120 min - 75 EUR

Aroma Massage

The Aroma Massage is a special technique that implements the curative effect and unseals the profound centres of vital tone through the use of the feedback method.

Of course, the Aroma Massage also includes traditional massage techniques, but the point of it is the added effect of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy conduces the improvement of one’s mood and wellbeing, whereas the oils used in the course of treatment effectively moisturise, nourish and tone the skin.

Effect of the Aroma Massage: elimination of insomnia and fatigue, bodily and emotional harmonisation, healing of psychological trauma, energy restoration after psychoemotional stress and overload, treatment of blood vessels and nerve fibres, treatment of depression.
60 min - 60 EUR
90 min - 70 EUR
120 min - 80 EUR
Foot Massage
The Thai Foot Massage is a special treatment capable of bringing genuine delight. It conduces relaxation, eliminates fatigue and strengthens the immune system.

The Foot Massage is performed using a special bamboo rod and a medicinal herb-based balm or nourishing cream.

Beneficial effect of the Thai Foot Massage: purges the body of toxins, improves blood circulation and the influx and efflux of lymph, eliminates foot muscle fatigue, strengthens the immune system, boosts the biological energy of hands and feet, conduces digestion, enhances the flexibility of arm and leg joints, reduces foot swelling, prevents the formation of new varices, cures insomnia, relaxes.
30 min - 35 EUR
60 min - 45 EUR
Face Massage
The general face treatment is an enjoyable procedure, aimed primarily at restoring the energy of one`s body.

A human face has 57 muscles, which need both relaxation and a tonic effect. By massaging different areas of the face consecutively, the therapist first causes all muscles to relax.
More intense influence enhances the flow of blood to the face and improves circulation. This helps level the sin tone and maintain facial contours.

Main stages:
Cleansing, light exfoliation, tone improvement, face massage and the application of care mask.
30 min - 40 EUR
60 min - 55 EUR
SLIM Massage
The Slim Massage is a unique Thai methodology for body shaping (weight control), which has an incredible effect on problem areas due to the usage of special technique in conjunction with lymph draining massage.

Effect: reduces the volume of fatty tissue, reduces body mass, improves skin tone and firmness, reinforces venous walls, eliminates the “orange peel” effect, improves blood circulation and microcirculation, purges the body of toxins and wastes.

The Slim Massage is strictly prohibited for:
-Pregnant women;
-Nursing mothers;
-People with serious renal or cardiac conditions;
-People who have undergone surgical interference in the problem areas targeted by the massage;
-Women during menstruation.
60 min - 70 EUR
90 min - 80 EUR
For Children
Tender therapeutic and preventive massage for children aged between 5 and 12. Strengthens the nervous system and conduces overall development of the musculoskeletal system.
Prevents spinal diseases and increases the child`s physical activity.
30 min - 35 EUR
60 min - 45 EUR
Head Massage
Starts with light, stroking, kneading and rubbing movements that warm the head skin. This has a soothing effect on the nervous system, relaxes the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders. Then, the pressure is gradually increased.

An excellent means for the prevention of migraine, this massage also bestows energy and bodily lightness, improves blood circulation in the head and conduces the growth of healthy hair.

Mitigates tension, anxiety and stress. Strengthens the immune system, helps against insomnia. Head muscles are relaxed to a considerable extent during the treatment, which has a potent relaxing effect, prevents blood circulation disorder, improves memory, stimulates mental activity, helps restore one`s performance capabilities and improves general wellbeing.
30 min - 35 EUR
A visit to a sauna before massage speeds up the lymph flow, relaxes muscle strain, enhances mood and conduces more profound relaxation during massage.

Sauna is also a great place to visit after massage.
30 min - 25 EUR
Anti-Stress Ritual
It is the most ethnic ritual. It is rich in elements of Thai yoga and stretching. The ritual will relax and invigorate you at the same time. The ritual is based on a traditional Thai massage.

Ritual steps:

Sauna – 30 minutes
Mineral saline peeling – 30 minutes
Thai aroma massage – 60 minutes
120 min - 100 EUR


It is a fascinating journey to countries of East Asia. It is a subtle, sensual ritual for connoisseurs of Ayurveda. The ritual is carried out based on the mixed method of Thai and Ayurveda massage. The ritual is completed by manual foot zone massage.
It is recommended to perform in the afternoon to ensure an efficient relaxing action.
Ritual steps:
  • Sauna – 30 minutes
  • Mineral saline peeling – 30 minutes
  • Thai aroma massage – 60 minutes
  • Feet massage – 30 minutes
150 min - 110 EUR
Harmony Of Senses
Ritual For 2

Romantic massage ritual for two.
Amazing time spent together, with relaxation afterwards. Performed in separate room for two, you get the intimacy you desire and renew your sensual energy.
It will allow you to have a rattling time together and relax.
Ritual steps:
  • Sauna – 30 minutes
  • Mineral Saline Peeling – 30 minutes for two
  • Thai Aroma Massage – 90 minutes for two
150 min - 220 EUR
The best massage ever
90 min - 85 EUR
120 min - 100 EUR
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