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Come visit our marvelous massage studio located in prestigious Amber Sea Hotel & SPA Jurmala, just few minutes walk from beach and most visited Jurmala city locations. Enjoy relaxation with our SPA procedures and Thai massages performed by certified and highly qualified therapists and specialists from Thailand.

Thailand - an enigmatic land, wrapped in the haze of myths and legends. One of these legends tells the true story of the curative power inherent in the traditional Thai medicine, based on Thai SPA rituals. This revitalisation science dates back to over 2.5 thousand years ago. Back when the Thai health rituals were first mentioned, which is about 2500 years ago, Thailand used to be a major junction of many routes, thus assimilating the peculiarities of many adjacent cultures. The Thai revitalisation ritual system - also referred to as the Thai healing system - was founded by Jeeva Kumar Bhikku, a doctor from India, who, according to some sources, was a friend of Buddha himself.
Throughout the long years of its existence, of course, the Thai ritual technique has undergone essential transformations, having assimilated the rich knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, yoga and the millenarian experience of Thai masters. Thai rituals have an astonishing effect.

Treatments improve blood circulation, warm up the area being massaged, reduce swelling. Muscle efficiency is increased, the body is purged of toxins, stress is relieved, tendons are relaxed and the elasticity thereof is enhanced. The nervous system activity is boosted and improved. Massage of the stomach area also improves the elasticity of one's gastrointestinal tract and prevents indigestion. In order to achieve maximum effect, entire SPA programs can be assembled based on the classical Thai technique.
In Thai medicine, massage is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, as a healthy body results from a harmonic energy balance, whereas a disease is a consequence of imbalance. Hence, all Thai professional SPA rituals not only confer beauty, but also restore and revitalise the organism as a whole.

The pleasure that the body is indulged in also affects the mental state. Therefore, by pampering yourself with magical SPA rituals, you conduce the restoration, nutrition and rejuvenation of both your body and your soul.

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