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Traditional Thai Massage

The Traditional Thai Massage is one of the most amazing methodologies of the enigmatic Eastern medicine, based on the concept of energy channels flowing through the human body. By influencing special spots and stretching muscles during the massage, experienced therapists restore the impaired flows of vital energy, making a person feel great and bestowing the sense of inner harmony. Filled with creative power and arcane wisdom of the ancient healers, a massage therapist’s hands free the human body from cramps and the attendant sense of constraint, knead and warm stiff muscles, thoroughly treat the spine and joints.

Affecting the active spots on the invisible energy lines liberates the blocked energy, increases the sentience and vitality levels. Tender twists of joints and muscles relieve tension and improve flexibility. Taken together, this treatment bestows the feeling of complete rejuvenation, restoration and relaxation of the entire body, the peace of mind and spirit.

Performed on the floor (a mat) in special clothes. Thai balm can be used at the guest’s option.



Weekends and holidays

1 hour

45 EUR

50 EUR

1.5 hours

55 EUR

60 EUR

2 hours

65 EUR

70 EUR

3 hours

65 EUR

105 EUR

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