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Thai Herb Pouch Massage

The methodology of this magical massage is based on affecting the body tissues with the steaming warmth of herb pouches. The herb pouch massage procedure uses a special compress, comprised of a harvest of medicinal herbs, roots, fruits and flowers, picked under the veil of night in exotic forests, exclusively during a specific moon phase. Recipes of these herbal blends were transferred between generations of healers by word of mouth or kept in the sacred stashes of temples.

A special blend of Thai herbs is a great way to relax and relieve stress, which also boosts the flow of blood to the required region of the body. Organs and tissues are saturated with oxygen, improving metabolism. Apart from that, congested and stressed muscles get relaxed, the toxin excretion process speeds up. All that fortifies the immune system and fills the body with energy.

Thanks to the warmth and unique effect of the herbal compress, pouches help mitigate the stress in aching muscles, conduces the improvement of respiratory functions and acts as a natural antiseptic.

Apart from that, herbal compresses have a tonic effect on the skin and eliminate itching caused by allergic reactions.

Every day
10:00 – 21:00

1 hour

60 EUR

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70 EUR

2 hours

80 EUR

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