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Thai Aroma Massage

The Aroma Massage is a special technique that implements the curative effect and unseals the profound centres of vital tone through the use of the feedback method. It is widely known that pleasure causes an emotional surge, optimism, a fit of energy. Indeed, there is a good reason behind the words once said by the ancient sages of the East – a moment of pleasure makes life last a thousand years longer. Of course, the Aroma Massage also includes traditional massage techniques, but the point of it is the added effect of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy conduces the improvement of one’s mood and wellbeing, whereas the oils used in the course of treatment effectively moisturise, nourish and tone the skin. Enriched with medicinal herb extracts, the oil penetrates deep into the cells, dissolving and disintegrating the accumulated toxins and excess free radicals. The Aroma

Massage restores and harmonises the inner energy. The Ayurveda fragrances of the oil exert active influence through the reflex zone, which optimises the neuron chains affecting the mood and body tone.

Effect of the Aroma Massage: elimination of insomnia and fatigue, bodily and emotional harmonisation, healing of psychological trauma, energy restoration after psychoemotional stress and overload, treatment of blood vessels and nerve fibres, treatment of depression.


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