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Face Massage

The general face treatment is an enjoyable procedure, aimed primarily at restoring the energy of one`s body. This, first of all, implies rejuvenation and revitalisation of one`s face and the entire body.
A human face has 57 muscles, which need both relaxation and a tonic effect. By massaging different areas of the face consecutively, the therapist first causes all muscles to relax.
More intense influence enhances the flow of blood to the face and improves circulation. This helps level the sin tone and maintain facial contours. The treatment is an efficient method for wrinkle prevention and smoothing, as the influence exerted on biologically active spots activates the profound skin regeneration processes in one`s body.

Main stages:
Cleansing, light exfoliation, tone improvement, face massage and the application of care mask.

Every day
10:00 – 21:00

30 minutes

35 EUR

1 hour

50 EUR

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